Designer buttons are worn like jewellery


Distinctive buttons for clothes add to the beauty of a dress and there are countless designs which can be used as finishing touches for your wearable creation. Buttons have been found as far back as the Bronze age when they were worn as ornamentation. They were used to decorate belts and other metal objects. They have been noted in virtually every important civilization, some cultures such as the Romans may have used them as fastening devices, but this is not proven. Rudimentary buttons appear to be first used for fastening by Europeans in the 13th century, but were much more common in the 14th century.

Besides fastening dress together, button add to the aesthetics of a dress.  In modern clothing and fashion design, a button is a small fastener, most commonly made of plastic, which secures two pieces of fabric together. Buttons are most often attached to articles of clothing but can also be used on containers such as wallets and boxes. However, buttons may be sewn onto garments and similar items exclusively for purposes of ornamentation. Buttons serving as fasteners work by slipping through a fabric or thread loop, or by sliding through a buttonhole.

Normally the size of the button depends upon its use. Shirt buttons are generally small, and spaced close together, whereas coat buttons are larger and spaced further apart. At the same time fashion drives some criteria too. An odd selection of buttons may appeal to masses and can become a hit fashion.