Design Features of Exercise Outfits


Design Features of Exercise Outfits

The growing popularity of yoga, aerobics and other exercise regimens has encouraged women to redesign their exercise clothing. They want to wear a casual and comfortable dress yet try to stay different from others. If you are worried about your outfit, the lines below will help you in finding the right style.


Exercise outfits are a different entity. The first preference of any sports or fitness outfit designer is performance. Can you move around easily in that attire and enhance your performance? Designers look into these factor and design clothes that can provide you with the comfort and flexibility required.


Fitness clothing is made of materials that are flexible and good absorbent of sweat. Soft knitted fabrics are thus used to provide both comfort and flexibility. Cotton remains a perennial favourite. In recent years, microfibre and synthetic fibres have also become increasingly popular. Synthetic fibres come in many shapes and sizes. For sports and fitness clothing, they come in lightweight and elastic construction.

This helps in staying focused on the workout instead of worrying about crumpled shirts and torn pants. Special synthetic fibres also last longer and are easier to clean.


Women’s fitness clothing does not contain the uniform colour patterns and drab features of men’s clothing. Women like to play with colours and wear dazzling clothes. This preference has also seeped into gym clothing. You will find a huge variety of clothes that you can wear to a gym or aerobics class.

Some of these clothing items use a combination of colours to enhance its design. Others rely on sparse or liberal use of embroidery to create a new look. Variation is also created by introducing unique cuts.

It is better spending time looking at the material and design features of gym suits. This will help you in developing an impressive fashion quotient of your own.