Cotton Threads, the most indispensable item


Cotton threads are part and parcel of every closet space. They are kept in drawers or in especially designed boxes. A bunch of needles are also placed in the box to make sewing easier. You will find cotton threads as the building blocks of clothing irrespective of the type of fabric. Thus cotton threads are used in sewing silk, polyester, microfibre and velvet, among other fabrics.

Why Cotton?

Cotton threads have become the gold standard across the globe for a variety of reasons. For one, they offer greater flexibility in sewing. Second, they are the preferred item to make embroidery on fabrics. Third, cotton threads provide simple and efficient weaving options for amateur and experts alike.


Cotton threads are available in many colours and constructions. Conventional threads do not usually have any addition of other fabrics or undergo chemical processes. Variants include fabrics like polyester. Chemically treated cotton threads, also known as mercerised thread, is dipped in sodium peroxide and acid baths to make it stronger. Glazed threads are those that are dipped in wax or other chemicals to give them a lustrous appearance.

There is an equally diverse variety of colours. You will find cotton threads to be available in almost every colour imaginable from sky blue to magenta and sea green.

Weaving and Embroidery

Irrespective of the nature of weaving, cotton threads can help you in ensuring a smooth performance. In embroidery, cotton threads can be used to create patterns on fabrics as hard as denim and leather. You will need a stronger quality for the latter though.

Cotton threads have become an indispensable item in the garments industry. Their omnipresence in most types of sewing, weaving, and embroidery means that you need to be careful while buying cotton threads. You will make a good choice as long as there is no compromise on quality.