Cotton belts are fashion statement


Cotton belts have become a fashion statement

There was a time when cotton belts were reserved for women. They used to tie their skirts and flappers with an embroidered cotton belt. Leather was still a preferred material though and women from aristocratic classes disliked wearing belts made from cotton. It is no longer the case. Cotton belts have become a fashion statement. They are worn not only by all classes of women but men as well.


Cotton belts attribute their popularity to the changing trends in fashion. Cotton became a fabric of choice in the last century when leather prices went sky high. Cotton was a better alternative and its price was significantly lower. As people started incorporating cotton into their belts, they found it to be soft and durable. They also liked the way they can create colourful patterns on cotton, do embroidery or adore it with embellishments.

Flexibility with design and affordability caused a major boost in the popularity of cotton belts. Women from upper classes started wearing them. Design improvements enable men to start wearing cotton belts as well. While women’s cotton belts mostly came in delicate designs, men’s often had multiple layers of cotton sewn together to give it a sturdy look.

Modern Belts

Modern belts use pure cotton as well as variants such as microfibre and polyester. Many of them come with embellishments and embroidery. Cotton belts may also use smaller varieties of wool, silk or other fabrics. The result is a stylish cotton belt that can help you in enhancing your style.

Cotton belts are also finding their way in formal environments. Many organisations now allow their employees to wear cotton belts to work especially those who do not have a formal dress code.

Cotton belts are available at economical prices but without any compromise to quality. They also add a unique style to casual and formal attires.

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