Clariant finish for the cotton fabric


Foam Eco Care finishing for cotton fabrics took place recently at ITMA in Spain.  This launch of new technology provides manufacturers with a high performance and innovation in the wrinkle free finish. The new Clariant formula would result in increased productivity and reduced chemical usage without compromising durable press ratings which means its eco friendly.

Innovation does not come easy, it took two years to achieve this breakthrough in advanced resin-based foam finish application that is more resource efficient than current techniques .  Note that it would improve abrasion resistance and fabric strength for products such as shirt and trouser fabrics, as it also allows for non-iron properties.

Foam Eco Care has been extensively tested in commercial mills and the results have been identical as in the lab. Foam application machinery is now generally used within modern textile mills which mean that adapting to Foam Eco Care should not be difficult and it does not require any heavy investment.  The economics of this new system is sound where mills need to introduce foam application equipment, the payback time would be very short.