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Canaria Textile is a group of professionals who have experience of international marketing for the last three decades. The main goal of the organization is to manufacture and export quality textile products from fabric to finished goods. We work hard to make sure we come up with exciting new ideas and products and firmly believe that our founding values have made Canaria Tex what it is today. Most importantly, while we continue to deliver these values, our customers have come to know and trust us enough to return time and again. Since our establishment the emphasis is on innovation of new products besides producing traditional goods.  Their core product range remain duvet covers, pillow cases, fitted sheets, flat sheets and luxury towels in various borders, colours and sizes. We try our utmost to give our customers ultimate satisfaction by producing desired qualities, timely shipments and feedback.

In a nutshell, Canaria produces cotton products for homes, hotels, restaurants, care centres and hospitals. We export variety of textile products to different countries in Europe, and America. Our high quality range includes terry towels, face towels, bath towels, hand towels, guest towels, bath sheets, hotel towels, kitchen towels, Hotel and Hospital Cotton bed sheets, bed linen, bed spreads, bed throws, table linen, table cloth, table cover, table runner, bathrobes, and cotton blankets. Export orders are manufactured as per customers’ specification. Canaria is ISO certified and one can find more about the company by visiting

Wide Range of Cotton Towels

Canaria towels are made from the highest quality yarn, which gives superior softness, absorbency and durability. The pile will keep its appearance wash after wash. We produce a large range of towels woven on Dobby and Jacquard looms from desired yarns along with quality stitching to protect the longevity of the towel and ensure best quality. Our towels and bathmats offer great value for money. They are perfect for everyday use.

Ring Spun Towels

The fibres are tightly twisted, compacted together to create a tougher, smoother and finer yarn. Unlike low-twist cotton, ring spun cotton is constructed from a combination of long and short staple yarn. Ring spun towels offers the advantages of great comfort and a durable quality. These towels give you a softer feel and longer life. They are ideal for hotels wishing for a soft, but hard wearing towels of which they can be proud of.

Combed Towels

These towels are made from the finest combed cotton, to produce an extremely soft and lasting towel. Manufactured from quality cotton that is combed to remove impurities and short fibres, leaving only the longest and strongest .Combing also aligns the fibres and adds softness to the yarn. Combed cotton towels also undergo a special process that makes the towel more absorbent and long lasting. They are ideal for luxury hotels and spas wishing to pamper their guests.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

A little luxury for everyday use, these towels are a little heavier than most on the market. With a beautiful deep pile, they are incredibly soft and super absorbent, and with stylish borders, they look elegant as well. Superbly fluffy and soft Egyptian cotton towels, with excellent absorbency and long lasting quality. Available in face, hand, bath and bath sheet sizes.

Bedsheets for Hotels, Homes and Hospitals

Canaria bed sheets combine the luxury, comfort and fineness of cotton with the easy care qualities. Cotton from our region is renowned for being the finest quality you can buy, as long as it is manufactured from the long staple fibres which allow the bedding to be soft and durable. The thread count is an important factor (the number of threads used in the length and width of the material) It is understood that the higher the thread count the better the quality and higher than 200 thread count is classed as luxury bedding.

Dyed, Printed Woven Sheet sets

Canaria manufactures Dyed, Printed Woven sheets in various fabrics of cotton or poly cotton (pc), with thread counts ranging from 120 to 400 in Satin and plain weaves. A coordinated design with Border and Piping treatment on Flat Sheet and Pillow Cases is also possible as per the client’s instruction.

Blankets for Home and Hospitals

Add a stylish and luxurious finishing touch to your room by purchasing our 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket. Our quality soft blanket never loses its popularity. The light open-weave fabric traps air to keep you cosy on cooler summer nights and also gives good insulation in winter, without adding extra weight. The 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket is the perfect addition to your room.

Table Covers

A choice selection for casual and everyday dining. Our Table Cloth range includes cotton and poly cotton tablecloths, suitable for everyday use. Quality table cloth can transform a simple meal into an event. Try our sets of luxury table linens to keep on hand for entertaining! Canaria Tex carries everything from simple cotton tablecloths perfect for a country decor to banquet table linens suitable for the most formal of events. Choose from rectangular, square, and round tablecloths in a variety of designs and sizes.

Comfortable Bathrobes

Their bathrobes have been created to allow for all kinds of environments and budgets, from thick, fluffy, sumptuous bathrobes, to lighter weight, but still luxurious bathrobes ideal for the Spa or health club. We are constantly looking for new innovative designs in bathrobes, to give our clients individuality, as well as fitting into a new interior design scheme. Made from truly deep pile cotton towelling, these are soft, long and look equally good on men and women.

Canaria is ISO certified and one can find more about the company by visiting

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