ARIKAN Founder had an Extraordinary Vision


A Turkey’s textile firm founded in 1954 is ready to serve the generations ahead. The firm is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of knitted cotton fabrics in Turkey. They make high-quality top-dyed mélange combed 100% cotton yarn, fit for high quality knitting fabric in plentiful colors.

Arikan produces all kind of cotton fabrics such us Single Jersey, Interlock, Ribana, Fleece, 2 and 3 yarns Fleece, 80/20 Cotton – Polyester Terry Knitted Fabrics and Pique.  Over the years, they have expanded a lot and are equipped with advanced machinery and strict management, their yarns and fabrics are top and stable quality giving them edge in exporting  to Portugal, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Middle East, Africa and Asia. One can learn more about the ARKAN Group by visiting their website

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