Acrylic Shirts: Affordable Yet Stylish


Acrylic Shirts: Affordable Yet Stylish

Acrylic shirts are increasingly becoming popular. Acrylic is a synthetic fibre that is an alternative to cotton and silk. Unlike silk, acrylic does not have intricate weaving patterns and is easier to wash. General acrylic fibres share some traits with wool though they are not as thick as the latter. Acrylic is made of interlocking threads and is available in both white and coloured forms. It is a strong fibre that can withstand sunlight, chemicals, stretching and oils.

Why Acrylic Shirts?

Acrylic is a good material for making clothing items. It has the strength and durability required to make shirts, tank tops and other items. You will find acrylic shirts to be relatively light weight. They come in both plain and printed or embroidered patterns. White acrylic fabric is popular for making casual shirts and tank tops.

Acrylic shirts are available in many constructions with some resembling the structure of cotton and others resemble woollen fibres. The latter is often used to make flannel shirts. These shirts are an excellent companion for men and women who like a rough casual style. Flannel shirts are particularly good for winters where you can wear them with denim or leather jackets.

Acrylic fibres that resemble cotton’s properties are used to make embroidered and printed shirts. You will find digital images printed on some of these shirts while others carry traditional patterns.


You will find acrylic to be a simple fabric. It does not require the care associated with silk fibres. You will need to follow manufacturer’s instructions while washing and drying acrylic. You can wash them in standard washing machines though you need to be careful with the water temperature and detergent. You can dry these shirts in sunlight as it will not affect the fibre.

Acrylic shirts are elastic and affordable. You may be surprised to find the variety of prints and patterns on acrylic shirts. They are good for all seasons and can enhance your style.