A stitch on time saves but you have to have a machine


No doubt, a stitch on time saves nine but you have to have a working sewing machine and knowledge to do it. I remember my grandma used to have a SINGER sewing machine which she used to pull out almost daily to fix things in the house or even help people in the neighbourhood. She used to have big old cookie box full of cotton threads of various colours. One more box full of accessories needed during sewing. I think it would be hard to find that kind of manual sewing machine now may be in an antique shop but I have many good memories associate it.

I don’t how much she paid for that machine but it lasted for many years and she did a lot with it. What I know now there are plenty of options to choose from but we should pick the right sewing machine to fit in our budget with the required features.  An electric sewing machine will be enough for many needs, it worth visiting a retailer for advice on buying a machine, particularly if you don’t know what it is like to use one.  Big catalogue stores and some supermarkets also sell machines which are fine if you are only looking for a basic model for rare use.

Having a sewing machine at home would certainly come handy; it will allow you to show your creativity using any fabric and thread you wish. Remember, practice would make you perfect but do know few things before staring, such as bobbin, feed dog,  needle plate, spool, etc.  If you are just starting out or only intend to sew now and then, a basic electronic model will probably suit your needs. The more ambitious you want to be with your sewing the more likely you will need a wide range of stitches and accessories, as well as a machine that makes using these things as simple as possible. Making a search on the net will reveal several sources and option before you go out to spend but one thing is sure that a stitch on time saves nine.