A Needle in the haystack


A Needle in the haystackNeedle in a haystack is a famous song of the 60’s but this term is more known for its definition if one try to find something that is impossible to find among other things around it. For some it is hard to have a thread pass through the eye of a needle. There are some tools available which make this job easy for all.  If you apply some hairspray on your fingers and to the end of the thread, the stiffening would make it easy to thread. The uses of needle by hand come handy if you have at home different sizes of needles and threads of different colours to be used when needed.

Archaeological finding proves that hand sewing has been present for thousands of years. Even during stone-ages bone needles were in use. Basically a sewing needle is a mini tool with a pointed tip and a hole at one end.  Now the latest needles are made of high carbon steel, nickel, or even gold plated too. Traditionally, needles have been kept in boxes which have become an object of decoration. Hand sewing needle comes in a various sizes for variety of use but all needles have the blunt end to carry thread through the fabric after the pointed end pierces it through fabric.

It may amaze many what can be done easily with hand sewing needles, as long as you have the time, wish to save money, and to be creative to do a lot.  Play safe, wear a thimble when hand sewing and if unable to find a needle, wrap a couple of band-aids across the end of your finger. I wish to share some tips with you. For example, rub seams with a bar of soap to allow a needle to easily pass through.  You can use an egg carton to store spools of threads and always keep extra needles just in case if you break one during work.  If during work, a needle is fallen down, use of a magnet is handy to sweep it across your floor to pick up and note that a magnet can also be used in a haystack to find a needle.