Tips on Buying Blankets


Tips on Buying Blankets

Blankets with rough texture and poor warmth can spoil your sleep. You can ensure a good night sleep by buying your blankets carefully. How to do that? Blankets may appear an ordinary item but diversity of design and types of materials used can confuse you. You need the simple approach of combing style with comfort to find the best blankets.

Do you need a standard bedroom blanket or a quilt or duvet? There might not be a need of buying a blanket if you need a warm quilt for your TV viewing sessions or outdoor picnics. You will need a blanket for your bedroom especially if there is no heating system. Blankets are warmer than duvets and quilts and can provide you comfort in biting cold.


A single blanket will be enough if you want to use it outside the bedroom. A double blanket is a perfect match to a standard queen bed. Unlike duvets, which need to be filled with down, feathers or other materials, blankets come in a standard shape and size. They use wool, fleece or synthetic fibre. There is significant diversity in source materials to help you in ensuring greater warmth and comfort.


Blankets have varying thickness. Some are not thicker than a standard quilt while it is not uncommon to find blankets with multiple layers of wool to keep you warm in below freezing temperatures. Prefer buying double or triple-layered blankets for your children if the heating system is faulty or non-existent. It will keep them safe from flu and other winter ailments.


Plain blankets are no longer in vogue. Blankets now come in multiple colours, embroidery, intricate patterns and digital images printed on them. Some come in unusual shapes and cuts to add a new dimension to your bedroom décor.

Standard blankets are easier to maintain. You can use the same blanket for years as long as you are following the manufacturers’ washing instructions.

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