Knitted Caps to keep you warm


Knitted Caps to keep you warm

Keeping your head exposed to the elements is not a good idea especially if you live in a cold place. Freezing winds can play havoc with your head resulting in diseases and allergies. Knitted caps provide a perfect cover to your head. You can also use them as your fashion statement as they are now available in stunning designs and cuts.


Caps have never been out of fashion. Knitted caps trace their origins to medieval times. Modern caps are available in slick designs and cuts. Traditional knitted caps are made of wool and variants whereas newer designs incorporate synthetic materials to enhance style. Popular designs include standard toques, beanies and those with ear flaps. The latter is helpful in protecting ear from cold while also adding a unique style.

Knitting Fabrics

You will find wool to be the most commonly used item in knitted caps. Its eternal popularity is attributed to its exotic knitting patterns and greater protection against cold. Polyester, fleece and cotton are some other commonly used items in knitted caps. There is an increasing trend of using synthetic fibres especially water resistant varieties. They keep your head warm while also protect you from rain and snow.

Wearing Styles

You can wear knitted fabrics in unique styles. For toques, you can sport a slanting style. Beanies give you a greater flexibility where you can wear them at the crown of your head, cover your head and ears or simply tilt them in one direction. It is advisable to wear knitted caps that have ear flaps in extremely cold weather. Flaps no longer come in the traditional long string-type construction. You can buy beanies with smaller flaps that are added as a stylish extension to the cap.

Keep your knitted caps at the ready while going out in winter. Knitted caps will keep you warm while also add to your style statement.

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