Textile Collections and the Sharing of Knowledge


29th AGM and Conference, 25 Nov – 27 Nov 2011, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.  Contact for details  chair@textilesociety.org.uk

Join us for a weekend of inspiring lectures and tours and socialising in the city of dreaming spires. The Ashmolean Museum has magnificent collections of textiles to which we will have special behind-the-scenes access. The Pitt Rivers Museum has also arranged special visit to their extraordinary displays.

Collections of textiles are not static; they change as we learn more about them and as they are used differently over time. Our speakers will show how collections are embedded with so many different forms of knowledge and how that knowledge can be extracted, reacted to, preserved and expanded. All will demonstrate why collections of textiles matter and why we must treasure and preserve them. Most importantly they will demonstrate the importance of sharing that knowledge and how that can be done in surprising and imaginative ways.

Helen Roberto is a freelance writer and loves to participate in discussion of textile industry globally. In her spare time, she works as an admin to maintain this blog and few others. Her knowledge on the subject has benefited many associated to home textile manufacturing and marketing.