Cotton Farm Tour and Picking Day events in California


Cotton Farm Tour and Picking Day events in California

Founded in 1996, the Sustainable Cotton Project is a non-profit  organization that has worked with valley growers to produce Cleaner Cotton and bring the fiber through the textile supply chain to a wide variety of markets.  The growing popularity over the past decade, the annual Cotton Tour attracts an increasing cross section of consumers, apparel company representatives and textile industry officials from across the country.  If you wish to attend, registration is required and details are available under the events section of website

I-       Cotton Farm Tour in California, Friday, October 19th 2012

II-     Cotton Picking Day,  Wednesday, October 24th 2012

The annual tour also highlights the successful efforts of SCP growers, who follow sustainable agriculture and bio intensive integrated pest management practices to reduce the application of the most toxic pesticides used in cotton production. People in the fashion industry rarely have the opportunity to experience cotton cultivation first-hand so this would be a good opportunity for them.