Is Bleach Good For Your Fabrics?


Is Bleach Good For Your Fabrics?

Is Bleach Good For Your Fabrics?

Bleach has been part and parcel of the fabrics industry for hundreds of years. The solution can be found in millions of homes around the world. In technical terms, bleach is a chemical solution that is used to remove stains from fabric as well as to disinfect it. Bleach is usually made from sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite. These two compounds are known for their stain removing properties. In recent decades, peroxides have also become popular as bleaching agents. They remove stains by oxidizing the fabric molecules. Bleaching is considered the best way of removing stains but it comes with its own set of problems.


It is a common problem with bleaches. People complain about losing the shine and lustre of their fabrics after using bleach. This often happens with repeated use of bleach on the same fabric. Given the chemical properties of the bleach, it tends to interact with the fabric molecules and disintegrates them. The result is a discoloured spot that is visible from a distance as well. Some people throw away such fabrics as they do not want to appear awkward in a social gathering.


Another problem with bleaches is their pungent smell. The smell is overpowering enough that some people develop a severe irritation to it. Others can tolerate the smell but are concerned about the lingering effects on the fabric that underwent bleaching.

Skin Allergies

Bleaches need to be used carefully. A little careless handling and you can develop skin allergies. Bleaches are made of reactive chemicals that can harm your skin. The process thus becomes tedious for those who are very particular about keeping their skin fresh and healthy.

Despite the downside, bleaches still remain popular. Peroxide bleaches do not harm the fabric structure and colour as much as their chlorite counterparts. Newer varieties of cleaning agents have also emerged that serve as an alternative to bleaching, have some thoughts over if bleach is good for your fabric.