Improving the buying and fabric sense!


Some people have a rich taste in fabrics while others barely scrape by. This is attributed to aesthetics developed at an early age. You can, however, improve your standing by focusing on the type of fabrics you buy for clothing and other purposes. This does not require much except for an eye for details.


We primarily use fabrics for clothing. This is where you can make or break your personal style. Whether you are a male or a female, a careful choice of fabric can go a long way. For neck ties and scarves, try buying silk. It adds a new dimension and has a unique ambience and elegance attached to it.

For shirts or tops, you can choose from a greater variety of fabrics. Cotton rules supreme as it is easier to wash and lasts longer. It is also available in many variants such as microfibre that are extra plush with softer textures. Silk is another favourite for tank tops, shirts and dresses.


It is not just the clothing items that you need to choose carefully. Towels, bed sheets, duvets and pillow covers need equal attention. Towels were earlier made of coarse terrycloth but now you will find them in rich texture and diverse fabrics. Polyester and microfibre are gaining popularity for their warmth and softness.

You can choose bed sheets of simple linen or you can splurge on silk or polyester. The latter is good for every type of bedrooms. All you need is to select colours that match well with other items. For pillow covers, you can choose between plain fabrics and those with embroidery.

You should prefer comfort over everything else while choosing duvets. You can add embroidered duvet covers to enhance their look.

It is simple to improve your aesthetic sense in clothing and accessories. All you need is to assess your current style and make amends where necessary.