Why Choose Ethnic African Fabrics of unique designs


Why Choose Ethnic African Fabric Designs?

Ethnic African fabrics have been a global phenomenon for decades. Ever since the growth of modern mode of transportation, Africa has become an intriguing yet exciting place for the world. The vibrant fabrics worn by African tribal men and women have found their way to modern wardrobes. Although there have been many variations, the focus remains on the play of colours and the exuberance offered by African ethnic designs. You will find these designs on all type of fabrics including cotton, silk, polyester and synthetic fibres.

Perhaps the best thing about these prints is that they come in as many diverse patterns as you can imagine. A Kenyan African print may have the themes derived from the wildlife present in that country. A Tanzanian print may be linked to the beauty of the Mount Kilimanjaro with white, grey and brown shades. Zebra and giraffe themes are commonly found in African prints. You can use a unique African pattern to make a tank top or a skirt. African themes are also popular for making scarves, fabric belts, hats and accessories.

While African themed fabrics make for a unique dress design, they are also used in home décor. You can use a cotton fabric with African prints to make floor cushions, sofa covers, table runners and napkins. An African themed silk fabric can be used to make curtains. Another idea is to use an African theme for a particular area of your house. You can turn your bedroom into a new and exciting place by cleverly using bed sheets, pillows, duvets and blankets made of African themed fabrics.

African prints and patterns have never fallen out of favour. They are as popular as they were fifty years ago. This means that you can incorporate African themes into your fabrics without any fears of making a fashion faux pas.

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