What to wear in the Sauna , Cotton!


What to wear in the Sauna , Cotton!

The sauna is a place where clothing holds little significance. You can enjoy a steaming sauna sessions without any piece of clothing on your body. Many people choose to go naked in the sauna. If you feel uncomfortable with nudity, there are some clothing items that can help you in enjoying the sauna while also keeping your body covered.

Regular Towels

Terrycloth towels are some of the most commonly worn items in saunas. They provide warmth and also help in absorbing sweat. It is not recommended to wear proper bathrobes though. You can instead tie the towels around your body while exposing other areas to the heat. A complete covering of the body will turnover whatever benefits you were seeking from the sauna session.


Cotton is lighter than terrycloth and thus makes for ideal sauna attire. You can also wear bathrobes made of pure cotton as they will not be as hard on your body as terrycloth. A better way of wearing cotton for sauna is to wrap it around your middle section. This will give you ample body cover while also ensuring exposure to heat.


Polyester is not a good candidate for sauna wear. It can block the regular flow of perspiration. You can wear those variants of polyester that use liberal amounts of cotton. These fabrics will help you in enjoying your sauna bath.

Synthetic Fibres

You should not wear towels or robes made of synthetic fibres unless the fibres are especially designed for the sauna. There is extreme heat in the sauna and synthetic fibre can cause burns on your skin. Some may also cause allergies and boils as they block the flow of sweat and block skin pores.

Try sticking with cotton or terrycloth if you do not want to go naked in the sauna. Cotton will keep your body ventilated and you will be able to enjoy the process.

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