What Colours to choose for upcoming Summer?


What Colours to choose for upcoming Summer?

Every season has its unique colour scheme. Lighter shades look good in summer whereas darker shades brighten up an otherwise dull winter day. You can still wear bright colours in summer if you know which fabric to choose and what type of cuts to follow. The lines below offer some interesting insights.

Summer is Colourful

While lighter shades will protect you from sunlight, darker colours can infuse a new life into your evening wear. Summer is also the season where you can try all type of fabrics including woollen knitwear. The latter can be worn during nights when temperature drops and you need something to keep you warm.

Yellow and green are two popular summer colours. Green is associated with verdure and summer is the time when there is greenery all around. Yellow and sky blue create depth while also avoiding the heaviness associated with darker colours.

Fabrics Variety

You can choose between cotton, silk, linen and blended fabrics that use synthetic fibres. Cotton remains the favourite as it offers ample breathing space for your body and has huge design and print variations. Silk is soft and plush while also light enough to ward off the heavy feeling caused by sweating. It is also a good sweat absorbent and will keep you dry for longer periods of time.

If you sweat profusely then linen will be a better fabric. It is porous thus allowing the heat to dissipate quickly. The easier breathing will make you sweat less and will also reduce itches and other skin conditions common in summer.

Synthetic fibres are also good for the summer season. You need to be careful with these fabrics though as some of them do not allow much room for breathing. Choose linen or cotton variants as they will keep you cool in summer.

You can experiment with fabrics and colours during the summer season. Given the minimal number of layers to put on, summer also gives you the opportunity to rethink your style and explore new avenues in clothing.

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