Tie Dyed Fabrics, an every popular clothing


Tie and dyed clothing, alwasys in demand

Tie dyed fabrics were not a popular item until a few decades ago. It was the hippies who popularized the concept of tie dying. They were however not the inventors of this art as it has been around for centuries and has its roots in Africa. Tie dying can uplift the looks of a dull fabric and can help you in introducing a new style to your wardrobe.

How to Tie Dye?

Tie dying is a simple process. You will need a fabric that you want to tie dye, a set of dying tools and paints and gloves, among other items. A white cotton fabric is ideal for the purpose. You can also use mircorfibre or polyester but they will not offer the same lustre as cotton.

After you have selected a fabric, it will be time to soak it in soda ash. It is a recommended step as soda ash helps the paint stick to the fabric. Once the fabric is dry, you can start the next steps. This involves the use of a fabric-reactive paint and squirt bottles for the tie dying process. The next step is that of giving a shape to the fabric. The simplest is to roll the fabric and tie rubber bands around it. The more rubber bands you add, the greater will be white stripes on the fabric.

You can also create horizontal or vertical pleats in the fabric or add other design features. Now use squirt bottles to spray the paint into the fabric. You can use as many colours as you want. There is a choice of giving separate colour to each section or using a multitude of colours to create interesting patterns.

The next step involves the drying of the dye and it takes at least six to eight hours. Wrap the fabric in a plastic wrap and let it dry on its own. You will need to wash the dye to remove excess paint once it is dried off. You can rinse the fabric properly and it will be ready to use once dried off.