Kitchen Aprons are needed in every kitchen


Kitchen Aprons are needed in every kitchen

There was a time when kitchen aprons were a regular household item. They were worn as a customary part of clothing while in the kitchen. Aprons fell out of favour in the 1980s as microwave cooking became popular and there was no longer a need of staying in kitchen for longer periods of time. After a hiatus of two decades, kitchen aprons are now making a comeback.


The resurgence of kitchen aprons is attributed to the growing interest in cooking among the younger generation. TV has played a pivotal role in this regard with popular cooking shows such as Top Chef. As people are spending more time in kitchen, they need an apron to avoid spills and other mishaps. They are also using a diverse variety of kitchen aprons that were non-existent at the time of their parents or grandparents.


The traditional kitchen apron style still remains the most popular design. Also known as bib apron, this covers the front part from the neck to knees with straps that can be tied around the back. Waist apron is another popular design that does not offer upper body cover as it is tied around the waist and often comes with pockets. This type of apron is popular among restaurant waiters that make it easier for them to take orders.

Bob apron or cobbler apron offers protection on both the front and back sides. It does not have straps and can be worn like a shirt. Restaurant apron is another variety that is a variant of a long vest and is preferred by chefs.


Cotton kitchen aprons enjoy an unmatched popularity around the world. They are easier to wash and have greater durability. Silk aprons add a unique style though cleaning is relatively difficult. Kitchen aprons are now also available in polyester, denim and synthetic fibre construction.

The growing popularity of kitchen aprons means that there will be many variations in design in the coming months and years.

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