Fabrics for the Cycling Shorts


Fabrics for the Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are a relatively new addition to sports clothing. Cyclists used to wear shorts and pants made of denim, cotton or other fabrics. They were unable to achieve professional efficiency with traditional clothing as it impeded their flow. Denim, with its heavy weight, hindered their ability to accelerate while also made them sweat profusely. Thus arose a need to find a clothing type that can enable cyclists to concentrate on their sport instead of worrying about their attire.

What are Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts are especially designed items of clothing. They are made of a number of fabrics but the purpose remains the same. They are designed in such a manner so as to reduce friction between the cyclist’s body and the cycle. They are also made to ensure proper drainage of sweat. Cycling shorts are usually available in form-fitting cuts to ensure that body breathes without any hindrances while also avoiding the clothing to get stuck.

Fabrics Used

Cotton and satin were the most popular type of fabrics used in cycling shorts. Now cyclists prefer synthetic materials as they provide them with greater flexibility. Lycra and Coolmax are two commonly used fabrics in modern cycling shorts. Combination fabrics are gaining popularity in recent years. They contain multiple layers of fabrics with outer most layer of synthetic material and the inner most a cotton variant.

This helps the cyclist in feeling comfortable while also avoiding friction and sweat accumulation. Unlike traditional clothing, cycling shorts have to be stitched and sewn in such a manner that there is little chance of tearing apart. Heavy seams, over-locking and other techniques are used to keep the multiple layers of fabrics in place.

Cycling shorts are also making an entry into casual wear. Some find these shorts to be good for swimming and running as well.