Cotton Voile is the lightest weight fabric for various uses


Cotton Voile is the lightest weight fabric for various uses

Cotton Voile is gauze-like, lightest weight fabric of various uses

Cotton Voile is a plain woven fabric which is very lightweight and does not scratch the skin.  It is soft, sheer fabric, usually made of 100% cotton or sometime blended with linen or polyester. Voile has the benefits of gauze without the familiar drawbacks of synthetic fibres and that’s why it is used for elegant curtains and drapes.  It is often used to add volume to fabric, which basically makes a fabric two layered.  It is commonly used in drapes because it drapes well and has excellent breathability. In hot countries, people make curtains using cotton voile as window treatments, when used as curtain material they are similar to net curtains.

Cotton voile can also be used in summer attire, from breezy skirts and blouses to sun dresses. Voile fabric is also used in dress-making, either in multiple layers or laid over a second material. Voile is light enough to make a dress which uses several yards of cloth and strong enough that one can do embroidery on it. Voile is very similar to chiffon, which is also used in clothing such as blouses, baby clothes, lingerie and summer dresses, or to add volume to a skirt or dress. Cotton voile is one of several grades of cotton fabric, it’s one of the lightest weight types, in contrast to denim, and one of the heaviest cotton weaves.

Voiles are available in a range of patterns and colors. Because of their semi-transparent quality, voile curtains are made using specially manufactured heading tape that is less easily noticeable through the fabric. It is commonly used in pillow making industry to hold cotton or synthetic material because of its light weight, the fabric is mostly used in soft furnishing item like comforters. Voile has a smooth surface that resembles fine gauze. It is easy to sew and dye in bright colours. Unlike tulle, voile is not stiff or rough against the skin.  Cotton voile is machine washable on delicate, and should be laid flat or hung to dry.