Choosing fabrics for your living room


Choosing fabrics for your living room

Choosing fabrics for living room furniture can be a difficult job. Everyone likes to lounge on a sofa or a couch and watch one’s favourite TV shows or movies. Many also entertain their guests in their living rooms. That’s the reason living room furniture often looks unkempt with the fabric tattered and wearing off at many places. This does not augur well for your living room décor. With a little focus on the type of fabric for upholstering, you can change the ambience.

Multi-coloured fabrics are a better choice for living room furniture than a monotonous hue of a single colour. The multi-colour fabric gives a colourful vibe to your living room. Other benefits include greater concealing of spillovers and other embarrassing spots on your favourite couch.

While selecting fabrics for your living room furniture, it is important that you keep certain things in mind. For one, prefer buying cotton fabrics as they offer great diversity in colour and design and are also easier to clean.

Durability takes preference over everything else. A durable fabric can last longer and thus can save you the money spent on buying a new one. If there are young children in your house, chances are that the upholstery will wear out sooner than expected. Choosing durable fabrics can prolong their life.

If you are allergic to certain fibres then choose the fabric carefully. Those that produce a significant amount of lint should be avoided. You can choose a fabric with micro fiber as this will be devoid of lint. Another thing to take care of is the presence of pets. If you have one in your house, do not buy delicate fabrics that can be easily torn apart.  A careful selection of multi-coloured fabrics for upholstery will enable you to have a plush living room décor.

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