Top 5 Tips On Buying Corduroy Jackets


Top 5 Tips On Buying Corduroy Jackets

Corduroy Jackets have never fallen out of favour of fashionable men. In recent decades, corduroy has found its place in women’s wear as well. Corduroy is a special fabric that keeps you warm and enhances your personality. The fabric has always been known for its elegant looks and comfortable wear. The description below offers interesting tips on how to buy corduroy jackets.

1. Fabric

Corduroy is now available in many types. Original corduroy is a variant of velvet but you can find new varieties made of cotton, wool, polyester and synthetic fibres. Do not overlook the type of fabric while buying corduroy jackets. Standard and cotton jackets are durable and easier to wash.

2. Colour

Standard corduroy jackets are available in lighter shades of brown though iIt is better picking a colour that best matches with your personality. Jackets with darker hues can help you in matching them with a variety of clothing.

3. Texture

Corduroy jackets have a soft texture broken by ridges at regular intervals. They are visible to naked eye and you can feel them by moving your hand across the fabric. Good quality corduroy jackets have a smooth texture and ridges with no protruding threads or other irregularities.

4. Design

Earlier designs of corduroy jackets followed conventional cuts. They are still popular but newer designs are also gaining acceptance among shoppers. You will find newer designs to follow slick cuts with some having round necks and other bearing many pockets. Straps and engravings are also becoming popular.

5. Durability

Corduroy jackets can last for years. Just be careful if you are buying a jacket that contains synthetic fibre. They may not last as long as jackets made with original corduroy.

Corduroy jackets can enhance your fashion statement. Another advantage is that you can wear them in all seasons and with a variety of clothing.

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