Right robe for the right reason


Right robe for the right reasonComfort and the ease to cover body are two quick reasons come to mind when we consider buying a bathrobe. In fact, bathrobes perform three main functions as putting them on after bath prevents chills, cotton bathrobe are absorbent and help drying process while providing warmth,  covering up with bathrobe after swimming provides absorbency and barrier against breeze and sunlight.

A 100% cotton towel style robe is common when you go for taking bath and staying in robe gives you comfort and ease until you feel completely dry and then you put on your dress for the day. It’s a good idea to pack a lightweight bathrobe when travelling it would certainly come handy after shower and swim. Wearing a robe to curl up while reading, watching tele or chatting over the phone is very relaxing. If you are associated to hotel industry and need a large quantity of white cotton bathrobes, personalised with initials or spa name, you can contact Canaria textiles to accomplish this need at an economical price.

Bathrobes come in many styles, one can find towel style bathrobes wrap around your torso and usually fasten with a hook and loop closure. Again, if you want such bathrobes in your specific colour and specs, Canaria can manufacture such products for you.  Fleece, flannel and cashmere are ideal bathrobes for cold climates, plush full length robe with hem closures retain body heat to ward off chills and hooded bathrobes are great for wet hair. The silk robe provides the best of both, the warmth and breath-ability. On thing I have personally tried, after having sex with my partner, taking a showing and spending hours and hours in bathrobes gives me lot of pleasure and relaxation.  Try it yourself and if you need bathrobes in bulk quantity contact www.canariatex.com

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