Some like it Greige, some like it Hot


Greige pronounced as “gray” is the term used for fabric before it is printed or bleached. The quality of greige cloth can vary and thus, can affect the outcome of the dye or printing job on it.  The fabric purchased at the retail or a garment manufactured may also vary. Greige goods are the common name for fabrics that are taken direct from the weaving machine and yet not given any finishing what so ever.

There are people who like to wear clothes made of greige cloth and there are some who don’t like and look for high finish. There are many companies around the globe involved in the manufacturing and trade of woven or knitted untreated fabrics from those who prefer more natural stuff in life.  There are some who buy greige cloth and then they treat it according to their own liking, they do bleaching and printing at their own for a unique finish.  Some might change it to a gray colour or just bleach and no colour at all or one may prefer a hot red colour.

Helen Roberto is a freelance writer and loves to participate in discussion of textile industry globally. In her spare time, she works as an admin to maintain this blog and few others. Her knowledge on the subject has benefited many associated to home textile manufacturing and marketing.