Jean front pockets, ease, safety and style


Many consider the front pockets of a denim jean safe and there is no double it’s very difficult to pull out anything from the front pockets of a trouser if you are sitting on chair, you have to stand up and then put your hand in to do whatever needed. So one thing is sure, front pockets of your denim jean are safe in the sitting position but what about when you are standing?  Pickpockets target wallets kept in the back pockets but there are some who are expert in doing so from the front pockets.

We all want to feel good about easy access of our clothes and if you notice that front pockets are very easy to access, even easier than the front pocket of your shirt, as long as they are not very tight jeans. It’s easy to manage the front pockets of your jean by diving things into two portions, some for left side pocket and some for the right side and then there is one small one within the pocket which is riveted pocket for coins. You would be more cautious if someone extends hands to your from pockets. One can get little fancy with these pockets and enhance them more for style and uniqueness. Whatever you do but remember when travelling not to keep all money and credit cards in one pocket, distribute them and it’s better to keep your hands in pockets when you are in a crowded place, it would make pickpockets think not to grab it.

For many, especially ladies wish to add more style to their denim jeans pockets. You can buy denim jeans with such features from the high street but if you are a creative person you can do so at your own for which you have to have a good stitching machine with top stitch needle of size 15 and slightly heavy thread in the bobbin and you can look for tailoring instructions from the net to follow each step to accomplish this goal. If you want to save time, search online and you can find very fancy jeans easily.

Helen Roberto is a freelance writer and loves to participate in discussion of textile industry globally. In her spare time, she works as an admin to maintain this blog and few others. Her knowledge on the subject has benefited many associated to home textile manufacturing and marketing.