Why insist on Fabric Swatches?


Why insist on Fabric Swatches?

Fabric swatches are samples of fabrics available at retail outlets as well as with the manufacturers. Swatches are usually available in a standard size, which is  and offer enough insight into the quality of a fabric. You can feel the texture of the fabric, look at the pattern of weaving and the quality of embroidery, among other things.

Fabric swatches are now offered by every retailer including those who offer their merchandise online. It is thus a wise idea to order a swatch first before paying for the actual fabric. Majority of retailers offer free swatches thus you can order as many as you want. Online retailers will enable you to order swatches from different locations and examine their quality.

Swatches will enable you to find the best material for your dresses, curtains, bed sheets and furniture upholstery. The best way of utilizing swatches is to order different types of fabrics. For curtains, you can order silk, cotton, polyester and synthetic fibre swatches. This will enable you to pick the right fabric and design. Cotton bed sheets are available in many types including those that contain a variant of synthetic fibres. An examination of the swatches will help in making the best selection.

In addition to regular fabrics like cotton and silk, you can also order swatches made of leather, vinyl and other materials. Manufacturers of such items were earlier reluctant to offer swatches but their growing popularity has made them changed their mind.

If still unable to make your mind, it is a good idea to order another swatch of the same fabric. Many retailers are eager to accommodate such requests. This will put an end to any confusion you had in your mind and you will be able to make the best purchase. Don’t hesitate in ordering swatches. This is the best thing to do before buying an actual fabric.