Understanding Flowery Prints, from basic to advance


Understanding Flowery Prints, from basic to advance

Some of the most popular fabric designs include floral patterns in one way or another. They have maintained their popularity by dint of their exquisite designs. Flowery prints are taken in a broad category where they include everything from a single floral line on the borders to intricate floral patterns on every inch of the fabric.

Basic Designs

The simplest of flowery prints usually include a single or double layer of flowers arranged strategically such as on borders or in the centre. These flowers are part of the original fabric design whether it is cotton or silk and are created using a variety of methods such as tie-die. Some basic designs do not pay much attention to finishing and may contain flowers that look abnormally large. The final look, however, depends on the quality of fabric and reputation of the manufacturer

Intermediate Designs

A notch above basic designs is floral prints that include sophisticated patterns on fabrics such as cotton, silk and polyester. They may or may not be the part of the original fabric as many of these designs include embroidery and embellishments. The flowers are spread throughout the fabric and imitate the natural order. Thus a rose print will have the same arrangement of petals and stems as in a real plant.

Advanced Designs

Perhaps the best flowery prints are those that incorporate advance design ideas. In addition to regular floral patterns, they have exquisite embroidery and some also add embellishments. Digital printing and embroidery techniques are used in these prints to remove any chances of botched designs. The finesse and finishing of such fabrics make them the preferred choice of many buyers.

While shopping for flowery prints, it is important to examine the patterns and look at design features. This helps in making the right decision about buying a particular design.

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