Select with caution, your choice for the curtains


Select with caution, your choice for the curtains

Select with caution when choosing

Selecting curtains and drapes for your house is not an easy job; one has to be careful as you can’t just replace them very often. The biggest mistake people make in the selection of curtains is that of fabrics, they select a fabric that does not look good in the chosen location and then complain about the shoddy room décor. You can avoid this problem by carefully selecting the fabric for curtains as cotton remains the perennial favourite and offers style and durability.

Practically it’s more difficult to select curtains than bed sheets or carpets. It requires patience and attention to details. Cotton curtains may not look as elegant as those made of silk but they last longer and are easier to dry clean. You can also use silk, synthetic fibres, polyester and other materials for making curtains. The only thing you should be careful about is the quality of the fabric. A poor choice in this regard reduces the life of the curtains and results in frequent replacements

Colours are the most important element one has to pay attention to, bear in mind the colour of your walls and furniture as well. The colour should be coordinated with the overall décor of the room in which you want to install curtains. It would be a mistake selecting a colour that does not go well with the overall theme of the room. Start with lighter shades of curtains as they look good in almost every type of room décor. You can later add brighter shades and other design variations.

Last but not least that sequinned and embellished curtains are gaining currency among home owners as they bring an element of elegance and style but you have to choose with caution for curtains and drapes.