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Damask Fabric is making a comeback

Damask Fabric, or simply Damask, is an exquisite type of clothing. The name Damask is a corrupted form of Damascus, the ancient Arabic city...

Choosing fabrics for your living room

Choosing fabrics for living room furniture can be a difficult job. Everyone likes to lounge on a sofa or a couch and watch one’s...

Most Popular

canvas cloth

Canvas Cloth and Tent Manufacturing

To manufacture a tent, should you not need cotton material then make sure that there is no cotton in the material you are selecting....
Silky threads

Silky Threads and the garments finish

Silky threads are fine silk threads available globally in many colours for garments’ finishing touch.  Ranging in thickness and colours, you will find threads...
sewing Neckties

Selecting Fabric, sewing and checking quality Neckties

The quality neckties are made from natural materials like silk, wool, and cashmere.  As there are varying degrees of silk quality so if a label says it's made of...

Zipper or Buttons, your choice of garment wearing

All-purpose zipper used as a closure in most garments and now zippers made of plastic teeth in matching colours are easily available.

Crochet or Knitting, both create fabric by interlocking

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn or thread using hooks that are still being made for slip-stitch crochet traditions.