Canaria Tex reaffirms Quality Commitments for global markets


Canaria Tex reaffirms Quality Commitments for global markets

Canaria Tex aim to be a role model in producing high quality products in compliance with the requirements of Quality Management System and continuously improving its effectiveness for total customer satisfaction. We wish to play an active role in the world of textile by keeping a substantial presence in different markets around the world.

Canaria Tex has an experienced quality control team that keeps a strict vigil on the production process. Stringent quality tests are conducted at every level of production starting from the procurement of raw materials to the finished product. We are ISO Certified and have an efficient, independent and dedicated team with state of the art inspection tools to ensure the desired quality standard of our customers.

At Canara Tex , we understand our client’s need unlike many of our larger competitors We take pride in every project that we take on, as well as in getting to know each client and their requirement. Every project is unique, just like every business, and we strive to capture that individuality as we go along. Our goal is to meet and then exceed our client’s expectations. To enquire further please send us an e-mail on or visit