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Helen Roberto

Helen Roberto is a freelance writer and loves to participate in discussion of textile industry globally. In her spare time, she works as an admin to maintain this blog and few others. Her knowledge on the subject has benefited many associated to home textile manufacturing and marketing.

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denim in fashion

Ripped Jeans are always in fashion, how to do it?

Go for shopping or watch students in college or university, ripped jeans are everywhere. Not only are they popular, they make a fashion statement....
Christmas fabric

Christmas fabric in high demand for Christmas decor

Are you ready for Christmas this year, of course! We all enjoy the festive season and the celebration goes on until the beginning of...

Painting on silk cloth, a creative work of art

Silk cloth is made of natural fibre and most of scarves and neck ties are made of silk. Painting silk scarf is very common...

Textile Recycling for the Environment

It's a very simple logic to grasp, if we recycle our textile then less need to be produced by the textile industries which is...

London Textile Fair 2017

The largest textile fair in London is coming up in the second week of January 2017.  Be there, register free or book a stand...